Egyptian White Musk, a little story about Cleopatra's favourite perfume

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Egyptian Musk has a long and fascinating history. Legend has it that Cleopatra would pour so much of her personalized perfume on the sails of her boats that Marc Antony could smell her coming from miles away even before she arrived at the shores of Tarsus. It is said that Cleopatra wore Egyptian Musk at the time when she was about to meet Marc Antony for the first time, and this is what helped her win over his heart and made him fall in love with her.

Shakespeare even wrote about Cleopatra’s famously scented sails which he described as “so perfumèd that the winds were lovesick with them.”


We can still be part of their true love story by paying a visit to the Hammam (Bath) Cleopatra & Marc Antony frequented during their honeymoon. Cleopatra's Bath is situated in the Fethiye region in modern-day Turkey. Swimming in the warm waters of this historical place is a truly amazing experience. During Cleopatra's lifetime, the whole of the Mediterranean region was part of the Roman Empire.


The Egyptian White Musk scent is fresh, captivating, vibrant & alluring. Reminiscent of a cool summer breeze, it is light and delicate. Musk was originally obtained from animal sources, although that is no longer the methodology. However, when this technique was used, the anal glands of the musk deer and civet cat were extracted to retrieve this scent. Fortunately, these days Musk is produced synthetically.

Let the delicate scent of Egyptian White Musk embrace you and delight your senses...



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