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Pestemal, Turkish Hammam Bath Towels

Pestemal (also spelled PeshtamalPestamal or Peshtemal; from Turkish: peştamal) is a traditional Turkish towel used in Turkish Baths, Hammams. A staple of the Ottoman Hammam culture, dating back hundreds of years, the Pestemal was originally designed to help individual bathers maintain their privacy. Today, this light weight garment lends itself perfectly to quotidian use. It is not just a wonderful bath towel due to its high absorbency, the Pestemal dries faster than its thicker counterparts.

And the more it gets washed, the softer it becomes, how amazing!

A Pestemal towel lasts for years, even decades and is a valuable addition to our gorgeous Argan Oil Hammam Spa beauty care products. It is also used to indicate which region people are from and is a part of a deep cultural tradition. There are many kinds of Pestemal, with different styles and colours in different areas of Turkey

The Pestemal absorbs water faster than a traditional towel, dries very quickly, takes up less space, is easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sports facilities, as a shawl, picnic blanket and for baby care. The Pestemal fabric is made of 100% Turkish cotton produced in manually operated looms in Anatolia to a 600-year-old tradition.

Each luxurious Pestemal is very generous in size and as unique as its owner and we only stock authentic handwoven Pestemals. We are sure you will be pleased to know that they are not mass produced and do not contain any artificial fibres. The yarns get hand dyed a year prior to being woven and the artisans have full reign over the design and colour of their product. That means we cannot fully guarantee that the exact same pattern/ colour will be available on our next shipment, but only slight variations are observed.

We invite you to wrap yourself in one of our versatile luxurious ultra-soft Hammam Spa bath towels and get transported in time and carried off to exotic destinations, indulging in ancient traditions unsurpassed to this day.