Argan Therapy Egyptian White Musk

Argan Therapy Hammam El Hana Egyptian White Musk

Cleopatra's Perfume...Egyptian Musk, is historically known to have been worn by Cleopatra , as a principal tool of seduction to conquer Mark Antony's heart and win his Love.

Egyptian Musk is a variation of a musk blend. In this musk, the clean, light hint is the dominant part. This musk is more discreet than white musk. It is often combined with patchouli and sometimes rose petals. Egyptian Musk is so delicate, that its fragrance would never offend someone who is sensitive to perfumes.

White Musk smells fresh & clean with a bit of floral nuance, often combined with rose petals and a hint of the bewitching intoxicating note of Patchouli. But so subtle, it won't be overbearing but rather complimenting the overall exotic fragrance.It is said to have been used as an aphrodisiac to put a love spell on a woman's object of her heart's desire....