Hair Care

Nurture your hair with our selection of specialised hair products, suited for individual needs. All of our Hair Care Collection products contain a Keratin Complex. Keratin is the protein of which hair and nails are made.

- Moroccan Argan Oil helps prevent breakage, deeply moisturises your luscious locks, keeps sun damage at bay and makes frizzy hair manageable.

- Shea Butter brings moisture back into extra dry hair, adds shine and defines wavy hair, keeping curls in perfect shape

- Macadamia Oil contains high-quality oils, preventing split ends and keeping hair colour vibrant for longer. 

- L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid proven as a hair loss treatment by nurturing the follicles, supporting hair growth and extending the life span of your hair.

- Rice Protein is a hair volumiser and has been used as a hair thickener since ancient Chinese times. Give your mane that extra oompf and thin hair additional lift. Nourishing herbal extracts make your hair look and feel healthy and luscious.