About Us

Gabriely Zamany’s Philosophy and Goal

is to take you on a sensory journey to exotic destinations and share with you what we found on our travels to faraway lands, places rich in ancient history & traditions.

Our passion for all things embodying timeless beauty, a love for travel (2 months on the road & 10 countries ticked off the list)  brought forth our current venture.

We hereby invite you to indulge in Body & Hair Care ranges that we have selected from around the world, made with ingredients that have been used since ancient times, which are rich in texture, beautifully scented, visually aesthetic & luxurious.

In addition to our beauty products we’d love to introduce you to the world of Hammam (Arabic Bathhouse) and the pure indulgence in Beauty & Relaxation Rituals, unsurpassed for millennia. We had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the realm of Hammams hundreds of years old, housed in magnificently decorated buildings from Budapest to Spain to Morocco… Over time we will offer you more amazing beauty potions-lotions & concoctions for Him & Her and exquisitely hand-crafted artisan wares…allow us to bring you a piece of history, recipes, inspiration and more via our blog; stay tuned and please visit us often.


We only have products made without animal testing. Soon, we aim to establish more partnerships with master craftsmen who still apply their personal touch to each of their hand-crafted items and therefore keep old trades alive. Alliances of this nature will help families & communities towards better self-sufficiency. The groundwork for this has already been laid over many cups of delicious hot n sweet fresh mint tea and strong coffee sipped from small ornate glasses. And as a fabulous welcomed side effect, we get to go back, travel & explore more of our wonderful world with all her treasures…

This project is a work in progress with the aim to enchant and surprise you...amaze and delight you...