Pestemal, Turkish Hammam Bath Towels, Hand-loomed

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Pestemal (also spelled PeshtamalPestamal or Peshtemal; from Turkish: peştamal) is a traditional Turkish towel used in Turkish Baths, Hammams. The Pestemal was originally designed to help individual bathers maintain their privacy. A staple of the Ottoman Hammam culture, dating back hundreds of years. 

It is not just a wonderful bath towel due to its high absorbency, the Pestemal dries faster than its thicker conventional counterparts.

Handmade on manually operated looms in Anatolia by artisan weaver families, 100% hand-dyed Turkish Cotton, no mass production, no artificial fibres, very high quality, high thread count.

*Note: Currently we have only a few Pestemal left in stock, please, get in touch with us prior to purchase & we will let you know what is available

*Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our new shipment is delayed until further notice.! 

And the more it gets washed, the softer it becomes, how amazing!

  • A Pestemal towel lasts for years, even decades and is a valuable addition to our gorgeous Argan Oil Hammam Spa beauty care products.
  • It absorbs water faster than a traditional towel, dries very quickly.
  • They take up less place and this makes them more suitable for travels.
  • is easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, sports facilities, as a shawl, picnic or baby blanket.
  • They can be used as scarves or shawls with their rich colours and texture options.
  • Care Instructions: as a One-OffKickstart the Absorbency by soaking your Pestemal overnight in a bucket of cold water mixed with 1 cup white vinegar

The Pestemal fabric is made of 100% Turkish cotton produced on manually operated looms in Turkey to a 600-year-old tradition.

We are sure you will be pleased to know that they are not mass-produced and do not contain any artificial fibre.

The yarns get hand dyed a year prior to being woven and the artisans have full reign over the design and colour of their product. *

*That means we cannot fully guarantee that the exact same pattern/ colour will be available on our next shipment, but only slight variations are observed.


Turkish Bath Towel 960mm x 1780mm

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