Argan Oil & Royal Arabian Oud Shampoo/Body Wash 400 ml

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 The Arabian Oud shampoo/body wash is the ultimate indulgence in hair & body care. This luxurious product deeply nourishes and locks moisture deep inside the hair shaft, the scalp, and the skin. It helps to rebuild the hair from within. Enriched with Vitamin E, herbal extracts, and Keratin Protein complex. When used regularly, it adds a healthy shine and strengthens the hair by nourishing weakened follicles. It leaves your skin soft and scented with the exquisite Arabian Oud, one of the most expensive natural fragrances in the world, which was only accessible to the royalty, high priests & priestesses of the ancient kingdoms.  It has been En Vogue for at least 4500 years. Now we can all indulge in this warm spicy-woody, exotic & unique scent. Oud is the resin of the sacred Aquilaria tree (Agarwood) and highly sought after by perfumers and Oud aficionados the world over. The price for the resin in its purest form is higher than that for pure gold. Arabian Oud experienced somewhat of a renaissance lately, and high-calibre designers like Tom Ford are creating their own luxury perfume lines with this magnificent fragrance. We also have Oud fragranced rich creams available in 30ml tubes. Please, enjoy browsing our website for more affordable luxury Turkish Hammam Spa Body & Haircare. 


  • Enriched with precious Argan Oil to deeply nourish and protect your hair, scalp & skin
  • Contains Vitamin E, Herbal Extracts & Keratin to nourish your skin, and strengthen your hair
  • Luxuriously scented with Arabian Oud
  • Suitable for both, men and women