Tunisian Amber Shampoo/Body Wash with Argan Oil 400 ml

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Tunisian Amber is a spicy, Oriental-style fragrance, known since ancient Egyptian times. The fragrance dates back to the time of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, almost 3500 years. . Its roots lie in the Middle East. Indulge in this truly royal 

This luxurious and beautifying shampoo can also be used as a body wash, and is enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, and contains nourishing herbal extracts. It is ph balanced and won't dry out your hair or skin. When used regularly, it strengthens your hair by nourishing weakened follicles. It adds a luscious shine and creates a protective barrier against the damages of UV light and helps to keep moisture locked deep inside the hair and skin. The sensual scent of Tunisian Amber also called Golden Amber, will envelop you all day long.


  • Extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and Vitamin E. 
  • The warm exotic & sensual scent of Tunisian Amber lingers on for a long time 
  • Precious Argan Oil deeply nourishes scalp and hair & skin from tip to toe
  • Enriched with Keratin repairs brittle and dull hair 
  • Leaves your hair and skin moisturized & beautiful