Silk Embroidered Cushion Covers, Hand-Crafted

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Suzanee, these beautifully embroidered cushion covers are created by artisans in Uzbekistan. Pure silk threads are stitched onto cotton covers to hundreds of year-old tradition. The mesmerising patterns are hand-drawn onto the cotton fabric first and tell a story. Each cushion cover is a unique piece of art.

For example, the pomegranate stands for prosperity, fertility and love, beauty and eternal life. This ancient symbol dates back to Greek & Persian mythology and was associated with the goddesses Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite & Athena.

The pomegranate has great meaning in various architectural styles. The renowned palace of Kind Solomon had columns of which were all adorned with the pomegranate form. Newlyweds in Anatolia and the Middle East are still served pomegranates to bless them with lots of beautiful children.

It is custom in modern-day Turkey today, to throw a pomegranate on the floor and crack it on New Year's Eve to have a plentiful year ahead.

Buddhism also attributes a holy meaning to this very special fruit.

Please note: As this is a hand produced item, slight variations are part of the appeal.

Please note: this is a hand-selected range and we'd like to advise you to send us an email first to find out which cushion covers are still in stock. We are also selling our fine wares at local markets and products can sell out quickly. 

* 100% cotton *100% silk *45cm square


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